Life drawing sketches part 1

I’ve realised I’ve been really bad at updating my life drawing imagery. Here it comes though in few parts.

I think it is very important for my art practice to learn about human body so I attend life drawing classes at Leeds Gallery on Wednesday evenings. Please follow this link to learn more about them – It’s a 2 hours session with a model which includes 3 – 10minutes poses, 1- 20 minutes pose and 1 – 45 minutes pose. So the sketches which I’m posting were made in the space of those times.

Please forgive me the quality of the photographs but as we’re well into November it’s really difficult to get any natural light especially when you live in a garden flat (like me).

There has been chat about having an exhibition in Leeds Gallery mid Dec of some our drawings which is very exciting – more details to come soon! There is always some wonderful artwork produced by people that come in every week – definiately something to look forward to.