Jump number 5 – Heather Irving

This is an image that I produced working from a photograph by Leroy Harding at Studio86. This one comes from a photo shoot by him at Dance Studio Leeds few months back. I wanted to try and work from a professional dance photograph and see how that feeds into my work.

It was quite difficult to work from this particular photo as Heather was wearing heavily patterned leggins that were really busy so I struggled a little to work out the legs. Hence, you can’t really see any muscle tone on them.

I feel that dance photography is mostly looking for that stunning peak moment of a jump and captures a figure of a dancer up in the air, which is incredible. It almost always is looking only for perfect. Whereas working from blurry images that I take myself forces me to enhance the movement and imagine the information that isn’t there on the photograph. So I’m having to work with more like a suggestion of movement, which I guess is really different. I’m happy to have tried working from various media, I do want to try out few more images. Also, my plan is now to work from a video ! We shall see how that influences the imagery and feel to it. Next week I am picking up the footage of Joanne Pirrie dancing in the studio filmed by Mat Johns and Matt Kowalczuk – really great camera operators and film makers! Will post some stills soon!