my work on ZUPI magazine

Today I found out that my dance drawings featured on a Brazilian magazine ZUPI that focuses on contemporary art and design.If you click translate button if right hand side corner you can browse it all in English! And they have some really interesting stuff on there!

A link to the article about my dance drawings on “ZUPI”:

This is what google translate told me that they have written about my work:

Inspired by the theme of dance and working with their material of preference – the good old pencil – Karolina Szymkiewicz creates drawings that tries to overcome the challenge arises: capturing the expressive movement of dance.

Check out some works from this series of drawings, which somehow evoke references expressionism and, why not, women “full of meat” of Robert Crumb.
They also featured me on their Facebook page which already has over 300 likes! Oh the ultimate power of internet where you can reach an audience right across the globe ! Fantastic !
Thank you ZUPI !